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Bischoff's Southwest Art carries a varied selection of resource books. These speciality books include arts and crafts, jewelry and a fine selection of Native American books.


Resource Books

BK101 Visions

Visions of the West

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BK102 Portraits

Santa Clara Portraits

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BK103 Katsinas

Hopi Katsina Biographies

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BK104 Turquoise Trail

Native American Jewelry and Culture

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BK106 Indian Jewelry

Masters of Contemporary Indian Jewelry

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BK107 Silver & Stone

Profiles of American Indian Jewelers

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BK109 Indian Jewelry 1

American Indian Jewelry 1 Biographies

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BK111 Gifts of the Spirit

Gifts of the Spirit: Works by...

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BK112 Totems to Turquoise

Native North American Jewelry

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BK113 Indian Jewelry

Southwestern Indian Jewelry

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BK114 African Art

African Art in American Collections

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BK115 Margaret Tafoya

Margaret Tafoya: A Tewa Potter’s...

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BK116 Art of Clay

Art of Clay: Timeless Art of the...

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BK117 Pre-Columbian Art

Pre-Columbian Art and the...

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BK118 Baskets

American Indian Baskets 1: 1500 Artist...

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BK119 Textiles

American Indian Textiles: 2,000 Artist...

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BK122 SW Jewelry

Southwestern Indian Jewelry: Crafting...

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BK124 Desert Southwest

The Desert Southwest: Four Thousand...

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About Bischoff's

Bischoff's Gallery opened in 1999. The gallery, located in historic Old town Scottsdale, Arizona carries work by Native American, western, and southwestern artists. Known for it's collection of Native American Jewelry, Bischoff's also offers a selection of Navajo rugs, kachinas, pottery, baskets and fine art from artisans of many tribes...

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