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K513 Corn Maiden & Family

Adrian Poleahla

Price: $2,400

Yellow Corn Maiden and Baby by hopi carver Adrian Poleahla.  The Yellow Corn Maiden‘s presence is a prayer for corn.  She sometimes carries yellow corn.

Adrian Poleahla carved this 14" Kachina from Cottonwood root in the traditional Hopi manner.

Hopi carver, Adrian Poleahla, from Old Oraibi, is of the Corn and Water Clan.  “Every Kachina I carve is what I’ve seen in real life, so therefore I try to make each one real.”


About the artist

Adrian Poleahla

Adrian Poleahla is a fine kachina carver, noted for his detailed and realistic figures, often "caught" in action. He has also been able to adapt his level of detail to some small paintings as well.

Adrian Poleahla was born in Keams Canyon, Arizona, and comes from the Corn and Water Clan.  He is an accomplished Kachina carver who has been carving Kachinas over thirty years, starting at the age of 5. He learned carving from his father, John Poleahla, and brothers Irwin, Wayne, Shona, and John Jr. Adrian carves his dolls in the traditional material of cottonwood with precision detail and three dimensional attention to every surface and angle.


“Every Kachina I do is what I’ve seen in life so therefore I try to make every one real. I have been carving since I was 5 years old.  I am very grateful for my talent and for those whose heart my Kachinas have



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