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J994 Verdy Jake

Carico Lake Turquoise Bracelet

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Sterling Silver bracelet by Navajo silversmith Verdy Jake. The 1 5/8” bracelet has five irregular shaped Carico Lake Turquoise accented by ten silver raindrops. The inside measurement is 5 ½” with a 1 ½” gap.

Carico Lake is a turquoise that comes from a large active mine in Nevada.  In the last twenty years it has been mined sporadically so it is a relatively scarce turquoise. The green and blue-green spider web turquoise has a unique matrix and is one of the finest turquoise in North America.

Navajo silversmith Verdy Jake has been active since the 1990’s. She grew up in a family of thirteen children. Her oldest brother began working in silver and taught his siblings the art. Verdy is known for her traditional revival silverwork.

About the artist

Verdy Jake

Verdy Jake (one of the many working female Navajo silversmiths) grew up in a family with thirteen children. Her oldest brother began silverwork and then taught the rest of his siblings, including Verdy. She has been active since the 1990’s. Her hallmark is a "V." Verdy lives at Smith Lake on the Navajo reservation. She is in her thirties and has four children.

Verdy is known for her traditional revival silverwork.

Barry Simpson shares these thoughts about Verdy's work:

"Old style Navajo jewelry greatly appeals to me.  Verdy Jake has the skills to represent the look and feel of antique Indian jewelry as it would appear on the weathered, textured hand or wrist of one of our elderly native friends.  Her jewelry looks good and feels right.  Verdy has exquisite taste in stones. With silver smithing tools her grandfather used in his youth, Verdy creates jewelry that exemplifies the American Indian Southwest.”

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